2021: The Indie Love Myths & Legends Anthology

Here at Indie Love, we like our authors to feel like they have a say. We want them to be a part of our little family and so the theme of the anthology was put to a vote. In the end, we chose ‘Myths & Legends’ because you cannot visit Wales without becoming entrenched in its history and beauty, and what better way to reflect this than re-working some of our favourite tales? We all need a little romance and magic in our lives right now. As we move through 2021 I hope we continue fighting (or fucking) dragons, having adventures and rescuing damsels or even hapless princes, because we are resilient, incredible creatures and COVID-19 will not stop us.

🖤Laura Greenwood

🖤Arizona Tape

🖤RJ Truman

🖤Paula Acton

🖤Erin O’Kane

🖤Louise Line

🖤Carrie Austin-Malone

Tales of knights, dragons and curses are not just for children.

Join us as we get up close and personal with mythical creatures, magical moments and dashing quests for love as Indie Love presents The Myths & Legends Collection.

From Egyptian Gods to Arthurian legends, Robin Hood to Hades, there is something for everyone.

With 7 exclusive stories available for a limited time, are you ready for an epic romance?

Proceeds from this anthology will be donated to charity.

The proceeds from this anthology have been donated to Broken Biscuits.

This book is not currently available to purchase but paperbacks may be purchased at the 2023 signing in Cardiff.