2020: The Indie Love Empowerment Anthology

Indie Love is about empowering each other, helping each other because we’re all a part of this incredible community and understanding that we all have to start somewhere. The retreat in 2018 brought me new friends, taught me some valuable lessons and when I left Ceridwen, I felt empowered and firmer in the Indie path I’d decided to take with my writing. I like to think that the other women who came also felt the same way and there’s something powerful in feeling like that. 

And that’s what I wanted to put across in this anthology, I wanted strong, powerful women in a range of situations so that the readers could get a taste of what Indie Love is about. So, grab your copy and settle in with short stories from some of the most amazing women I know.  

🖤Jade West
🖤Anna Edwards
🖤Lizzie James
🖤SK Clarke
🖤Laura Morgan
🖤TA Andrews
🖤Alice La Roux

Empowerment /ɛmˈpaʊəm(ə)nt/

Noun the process of becoming stronger

Join us in celebrating empowerment in its many forms with this collection of tales from Indie Love. There’s something for everyone, from dark and paranormal to contemporary romance.

This anthology explores what it means to overcome the feeling of powerlessness, to grow, to push personal boundaries and to fight back. If you want fierce women who refuse to be held down in the quest for mastery over their lives, then Empowerment has just what you need.

The proceeds from this anthology were donated to Welsh Women’s Aid.

This book is not currently available to purchase but paperbacks may be purchased at the 2023 signing in Cardiff.